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all computers get protected.jpg
Chaplain John Bailey preparing for ceremonial.jpg
Chaplain John Bailey Skyping members of Assembly 2302.jpg
CMSgt Mike Skidmore Inspecting Computers.jpg
Colonel Tellez explaining the gift to head nurse...ROLL TIDE.jpg
FN Higdon & VSM Gentle.jpg
FN Higdon, Jeff Kendall, Ronnie Holme GK, & George Gissell - Assy 2302 Packing Computers.jpg
FN Higdon.jpg
GK Holmes Taping Box for Lattop's.jpg
Head Nurse Holding Up Computer for a Solder to skype home.jpg
It's a fit - All Computers get packed.jpg
Jeff Kendall, PGK, PFN, & PDD with Carroll Higdon, FN.jpg
Laptop Fits Into Box.jpg
packaging for computers.jpg
packaging for protection.jpg
Packing Computers.jpg
Pouring peanuts on laptops for protection.jpg
SirKnights of Assembly 2302 Packing Computers for Bagram, Afghanistan.jpg
Wounded Warrior Skyping Home.jpg
wraping bubble pack around computers.jpg

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