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2011 Laptops for Military

These laptops were for communication by wounded warriors to communicate back home to assure loved ones they are OK and to receive assurances they are still loved. The Chaplains requested these because of the depression and suicide following major injury. In the few months after these were received in Afghanistan, the suicide rate drastically reduced.


2011 Random Shots

Bulk of 2011 Pics before we divided by Events

2010-11 Activity Reporting Form COUNCIL - PAGE 3.jpg

2011 Adult Bible Study

Couple of pics from Jan 2011 - Jack Grant in his tux teaching after a Corp Communion


2011 Tornado Relief

Tornado Relief Effort after the April 27 outbreak - shots from multiple events


2011 Clergy Dinner

Clergy Dinner for 2011 - we had LA and Squires helping.

Bishop Baker award.jpg

2011 BBQ

BBQs for 2011 both Memorial Day and Labor Day

Ronnie with cheesecake.jpg

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