Officers for the Fraternal Year 2016–2017
Office Name E-mail Phone
Grand Knight Mark Woodard 400-1736
Chaplain Msgr Paul Rohling 991-5488
Deputy Grand Knight Frank Spina 422-6110
Chancellor Jim Macher 410-2820
Financial Secretary Lloyd Winger 991-1098
Recorder Jeff Bast
Treasurer Brian Stauss 408-5450
Warden Jim Farris
Advocate Daniel Breland
Inside Guard Mark Cook
Outside Guard Ed Langan
1st Year Trustee Carrol Higdon
2nd Year Trustee Jeff Kendall
3rd Year Trustee Winni Fernandes
Ladies Auxiliary Antoinette Woodard
Service Programs 2012–2013
Position Name E-mail Phone
Programs Frank Spina, DGK 422-6110
Church Director Alan Brewster 981-4557
Community Director Jim Macher 980-5850
Council Director Mark Cook 408-7279
Membership Director Chris Portante 602-3381
Family Director Mitch Jones 668-1241
Youth Director Frank Spina 980-9012
Field Agent Mark Stice 908-6462
Lecturer Bob Willis, Sr 982-0451